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If you have been part of the relocation experience either as a kid, a student or an adult, you understand that it can be very hectic and pretty costly. It rewards to scan for and cook up different methods and practices to minimise the charge of relocating and save some little cash in various sections. It is mostly the small ideas that might seem insignificant that can aid you to cache and give you satisfaction and a grin on your mouth after the shifting process.


Those who choose to take all the workload and pack their belongings themselves without any professional help use one of the cost-saving strategies in moving, and are probably not aware of it. How does that save money? You may ask. Well, specialist packing services most of the time business-driven, show up with high-quality packing equipment whose cost when combined with their manual labour could too high for you. Especially when on a restricted relocation budget. Doing it yourself is a great way to maintaining your spending on the minimum.


But what of the boxes I need for relocating? Only the expert packing services have those right? Well, not fundamentally. The second strategy on conserving when relocating is acquiring free boxes. Yes, you do not have to pay for cardboard boxes. There are various great spots from where you could take boxes that are in the best shape and condition for free. Below are some most excellent areas where to source free moving boxes.

1. Acquaintances Who Just Relocated

When you are about to relocate and need packing boxes, the first place you should seek them is from people you know. Check who among your buddies, co-workers or next-door-neighbour has shifted in the recent history and approach them. The chances are that they have more moving boxes than they could require.


They have already unpacked, and the boxes lay there unused and taking up alot of space. Space is essential to anyone, and for boxes to be stored, they need careful breaking down to avoid damage before storage. It is a hectic task, and you will find your friend or acquaintance very impatient and ready to give the boxes away for free.


The possibility of the boxes being in good condition is very high since they have just been used unless the friend is a careless being. Do not forget to ask your colleagues if they have boxes you can reuse. Promise to compensate anyone who can provide the boxes with a huge bear hug.

2. Major & Local Businesses

Another way to score free moving boxes is to visit the businesses and retailers in your area. Most businesses receive deliveries on the daily and are eager to give away or recycle the boxes that they no longer need.


Approach the management and inquire if they have boxes for which they have no use. It is usually the best way to get free boxes and saving on the moving budget matched only by getting them from your friends.Here are some businesses that give away boxes for free.


Supermarkets, large or small, are the perfect place to start looking for boxes. On the daily, they receive numerous deliveries to satisfy the demand which come in boxes that they do not need afterwards. Since they receive various items, you could be lucky to get a box for fragile items, and that way you know your china is safe during relocation.


The secret is to approach a manager and ask on what days and time they receive supplies. You will be able to take the boxes immediately saving them time and resources they would have used to recycle the boxes. Be keen to have an arranged time when you can pick up the boxes.

Discount Shops

Discount shops have a huge traffic of people due to their discounted prices. The large sales dictate that they need daily deliveries just like bigger retailers as they sell in bulk. The deliveries are made in boxes that the shop recycle after. Approaching the management and asking for free boxes could prove to be successful. If none are available at the moment, you could schedule a day when they receive deliveries.


Bookshops and stores are also good places to find free boxes. Delivery of books is done in strong boxes which are designed to carry heavy books. You could use the boxes to move your books or better still your other items. Bookshop attendants will be open to giving you the boxes that are taking up storage room and will save them on the time it would take to break them down and transport them the recycling centre.

Grocery Stores

Grocery stores that are usually small do not have enough storage space for the boxes in which their products are delivered. Visiting one could be a blessing as they have many apple and banana boxes that are usually strong and can hold fragile items. You may in luck and find a plastic container!

Copy Centres

Among the best boxes, you could get, are copier paper boxes. Paper can be heavy and needs strong boxes. The boxes also have lids and handle that are reliable when moving around. They can be used to pack books and other small items that you own. You could also get them from friends who work in an office that uses copier paper more often.

Bars, Restaurants and Liquor Stores

Bars, restaurants and liquor stores can be helpful. They usually use small and strong boxes designed to endure the weight of different cans and packages of liquor. Talking to the management and deciding on when to pick up the boxes is crucial as the amount is limited. So it will depend on luck.

Coffee Shops

Most coffee providers have pledged to strive toward the reduction on their companies carbon footprint. They offer environmentally sustainable services and are part of the recycling community. Approach a staff member and inquire about free coffee supplies boxes. Although the boxes are generally smaller, smaller items like decorations can go into them. Another advantage is that some coffee sellers like Costa Coffee accept them back for recycling.


If you’re querying where can I receive little boxes for free, then heading to the pharmacy might be your most suitable option. Although medication arrives in volume, the distribution cartons are more miniature than the common warehouse box. You can use these cardboard boxes to store medication, appliances and ornaments.

Department Stores

Department stores usually include, do it yourself options. Materials arrive in a wide range of sized boxes. Even though the chances of getting a sufficient amount of boxes is low, it is still worth the try. Ask for their delivery schedule and be on time to pick the boxes.

Appliance and Home Electronic Shops

Stores that sell appliances and household electronics are the best place to find large boxes for your large items. The boxes often limited can only be found with prior requests. If the boxes prove to be too huge, you can cut them up or choose to repurpose them. Free boxes are hard to turn down and have very many uses.

3. Online Sources

When it comes to the internet, there are limitless opportunities. Through online platforms, you could easily get free boxes for moving. All you need is the knowledge of where to look. That is the power of the internet. Below are some social platforms from where you can start your search.


Freecycle is a non-profit network where the official members (free membership) give away and receive all kinds of things for free within their communities. The 5,000 groups of over 9 million members are keen about help[ing those in need and making the landfills empty. The items are posted for free and can be claimed by anyone for free.


A search in most UK neighborhoods presents a sufficient amount of offers for available cardboard boxes. The site also has a section where you could post what you need, and individuals with the product can link with you. It is a good place to start your box hunt and enjoy their concept of changing the world a gift at a time. Be sure to check the conditions of the boxes before taking them and calculate the cost of retrieving the boxes. If it is high, you could opt for another source.


Gumtree is another treasure island for free things that include boxes for moving. On the platform, you the user can sift your searches to your locality alone. The site also gives the option of selling and buying items according to a members preference. After finding what you need be sure to, meticulously inspect the boxes for any damage and insects.


Perhaps the most popular option in this list of online sources, Craiglist is a good place to start your pre-moving hunting. All you have to do is run a quick search on the website, and you will see a list of free cardboards around your location. If the pickup point is too far from your place, a change in strategy is essential.


Freegle is a website on which the users are at liberty to give away anything that they no longer need. The platform has a wide audience in the UK who give away all sorts of items that include moving boxes. You could also run a quick search to check if there are offers of boxes near your area.

Social Media Community Groups

Social media community groups are a good place to look for boxes for moving. They offer a good place to link and network with people who could be having boxes of which they want to give away. You could start by visiting Reddit, Nextdoor and News Now. You may be surprised how readily people are to assist you in the endeavour.


The secret with online sources for cardboards is to ensure that the cost of picking up the boxes is below the cost of acquiring new boxes. Ensure that the condition of the boxes is good and that they are not insect-infested.

The place where everyone else takes boxes they do not need for recycling is one of the best places to get free cardboard boxes. Visit one recycling centre near you and talk to the person in charge.


You will find a huge pile of boxes from which you can choose those that fit your needs. Even removal companies take their boxes here. Remember that recycling centres are not keen on keeping the boxes in good condition and it is up to you to seek them out, before taking them home. It is important to ensure they are in perfect condition or risk having your items affected during transportation.

5. Institutions

Other places where you could find free boxes are institutions such as schools and colleges. if you reside in a locality near such establishments, take advantage of the many supplies that they purchase to run the place. The supplies are brought in boxes that the institutions may not need afterwards. After the long holidays, many students move into the institutions and discard the boxes they use. Approach the school or staff member and ask for the discarded boxes. They will readily be able to point you to the direction of their stores.


Moving is hectic and costly. Small strategies like using free boxes is a good way towards minimising that cost. Do not forget that free things could also be costly, so ensure that the boxes you are taking home are clean and dry. Check for wet spots, tear and wear, stains and even insects. You do not want taking home of paper mites that can prove be harmful. After moving and unpacking remember that there could be someone out there who may need the boxes. Ask around and post them on the same platforms listed above. If no one wants them to take them to the recycling centre.

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