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Where To Get Free Boxes For Your House Removals

The process of moving out or transporting items from one property to another can be pretty costly. Out of all the expenses, buying packing boxes can feel cringy due to the fact that you might never use them again. Luckily, there are many places where you can find boxes of all shapes and sizes to fit your packing needs as you prepare to move. 

Below is a list of places you can find free boxes near you:

Ask Your Moving Company

Before you make a step to finding moving boxes on your own, inquire from your removals company if they offer boxes for free as part of their services. Ask what packing supplies they offer and if renting boxes is an option. Most companies have reusable plastic boxes that they hire out on a moving day for a small cost. This can be an excellent way to avoid accumulating junk cartons once you move. 

Your Social Circle

This is the easiest way to obtain free boxes and other moving necessities. Call friends and family, primarily those that have recently moved or relocated, and ask them for the boxes. People tend to hold on to boxes for a while after moving or buying new gadgets that come in boxes. It is almost impossible to find a garage without a few boxes stacked in a corner or shelf. 

Post on your social media platform or send direct messages to the people you have in mind. Once you get call-backs to go for the boxes, plan a route map to avoid unnecessary, repetitive trips. Choose boxes in good conditions. Bad boxes could lead to expensive damages to the goods been moved. 

Free Moving Boxes Online

The internet has made life easier as websites and apps have been put in place to allow people to dispose of items like boxes after decluttering. Craigslist tops the list of websites that someone can find free boxes. Under the ‘for sale’ section, click on the ‘free section’ and use the search bar to find free boxes near you. Set location parameters to match places near you to avoid using up too much time and effort reaching them. 

Another ideal website is Freecycle, where members post reusable items to avoid landfills and take care of the environment. Although people sell most things, few others choose to give away packing boxes for free. Other platforms include Facebook Marketplace and buying & selling applications. 

Local Orchards & Grocery Stores

Acquiring boxes for free requires you to go out of your way and reach out to stores known to use boxes frequently. Orchards and grocery stores use wooden boxes due to the care required to handle fruits and vegetables. Crates are an excellent packing option for fragile items that require support and care. These wooden crates can also be used to make home décor pieces like shelves and stools. Approach the owner or manager of these stores, explain your need for boxes and request them for assistance. Most managers would not mind giving away extra boxes.

Recycling Plants

Most cities have local recycling drop off points that are accessible by the public. Visit the site in advance to find out when major drop-offs are done so that you can come on that day and find boxes. Other recycling centres can be contacted in advance and requested for specific items at a small fee. Recycling centres without access restrictions are the best as you can take home packing boxes for free. 

Liquor Stores

Liquor stores use quality boxes with safety locks and handles. Although these boxes are relatively smaller, you can use them to pack small, fragile items when moving. Ask the person in charge of the store for a few boxes and remember to ensure they are in good condition. 

Retail Stores

Bookstores, supermarkets and hardware stores use boxes on a daily basis to receive supplies. Due to the frequent streaming of supplies, their boxes are mostly in excellent condition. Since these boxes are usually sold to people who want them for commercial use, ask the store manager for the boxes and make them understand the purpose so that they can hand them over for free. 

Barter For Boxes

Look for online trading sites that allow barter trade. Find items in your house that you no longer need and list them on these websites. This is an excellent way to dispose of reusable items and get boxes that you actually need in return. Some of the things you could exchange for boxes are; books, dishes and décor pieces. 


Schools tend to have a lot of new boxes at the beginning of the year due to the latest supplies and books coming in. Call the front office of schools near you and request for boxes not currently in use.

Universities are also ideal to look for free boxes. Since students make online purchases of books and school items, the university mailroom is often overflown with cardboard boxes that can be very useful during removals. Visit a local university’s mailroom and request free boxes or ask the campus officials for permission to visit drop off points in the school premises, where boxes are mainly disposed of. 

In conclusion, be careful when meeting strangers from online platforms. Take someone with you and plan to meet in surroundings you are well conversant with. Do a good calculation of the number of boxes you will need and the sizes you prefer. Only pick boxes that are in good condition, that is, clean and not torn.

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