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What Size Removals Van Do I Need?

Working out what size of van you will use when moving out might feel like a challenging and complicated process. However, understanding a few basics on van sizes and measurements of the items being moved will ensure that you do not overestimate and underestimate the actual space size needed. 

Below are the standard vans, their sizes and how much goods they can carry:

Medium Wheels Base Van

The Medium Wheels Base (MWB) Van is the most common version of the removal vans. It has a high roof that makes loading and van arrangement easier. Its medium size makes it a cheaper option for people moving out from small apartments. An MWB can carry approximately 40 boxes and comfortably fit furniture from a studio or one bedroomed apartment. 

With a loading capacity of approximately 380 cubic feet, the MWB can be compared to the size of a medium garden shed when trying to picture how much it can hold.

Long Wheels Base Transit Van

Also known as the Jumbo Transits, the Long Wheels Base (LWB) vans are the perfect fit for two-bedroom flats removals. They can fit approximately 70 boxes as they have 380-440 cubic feet loading capacity. To have a rough idea of how big this van is, think about a standard garage and how many goods can fit in a single one. 

The Luton Van

The Lutton Van come in two sizes. The 3.5 Tonne and the 7.5 Tonne. The 3.5 Tonne Lutton Van is approximately 560 cubic feet and is preferred because of its narrow body, making it easy to manoeuvre small streets. It can move up to 90 boxes or a fully furnished two bedroomed house. As for the 7.5 Tonne Lutton Van, the loading capacity goes up to 650 cubic feet. It can move a three-bedroom house.

When picking a vehicle for moving services, check with the removals firm for the vehicles exact make to help you understand their width and height measurements. This information will assist you in determining which vehicle to avoid, especially if accessing the destination requires manoeuvring through narrow streets.

If this looks like too much information to grasp, contact your removals company and describe to them the sizes of items being moved. A good company should estimate the size of the van you will need and advise you accordingly. It’s cheaper to choose a big vehicle that could leave space instead of selecting a small one that could require extra trips to be made. 

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