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How To Choose A Removals Company

Moving items without the help of professionals could result in expensive damages and lost goods. A good removal company will help you prepare adequately for a move, avoid unnecessary extra trips, and reduce the stress associated with moving activities. 

Below are a few tips to assist you when choosing a removal company:

Check The Removals Company's Online Reviews

Most Removal companies have websites and other online platforms that have a comment or review section. These review and comment sections allow the company’s customers to give feedback regarding the services they have received. Please take a good look at these comments and reviews and use them to make a decision.

Also, check whether the company responds to raised concerns and how they address their clients. If a company has too much negative feedback, chances are high you will also have a hard time working with them. 

Check For Accreditation

Working with a legally registered company is advisable since it will be answerable to the regulatory authorities if they do not match the required standards. Check if the company is registered with the British Association of Removers, a body that regulates the standards of services offered by removers. This body expects all registered removers to meet the minimum industry standards, provide payment guarantees on bookings to ensure they are honoured and provide fast dispute resolution in worst-case scenarios. 

Scrutinise The Company's Profile

Visit the removal company’s website and check all the services they offer. Scrutinize the details and look out for special advantages or extra benefits that you get by contracting them. Delay policies are crucial and should not be overlooked. Also, check the company’s insurance policy to see how much is at risk in case of loss or damage. 

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